Our Patriarch

John X of Antioch

Our Late Metropolitan Archbishop Paul Saliba of Thrice Blessed Memory


About Us

We are a diverse Community of Orthodox Christians that live in the Shire of Mitchell and Macedon Ranges on the suburban fringe of Melbourne. In a sense we are the First and the Last Orthodox Community in the north of Melbourne. The first on the way into the City but the last one before you leave.

We have come into being for several reasons.

* Firstly, we want to worship locally without having to drive more than 45 minutes one way to get to Church.

* Secondly, we want to worship The All Holy Trinity in ENGLISH so that everyone can take part in our worship of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

* Thirdly, we believe that as our area grows there will be more Orthodox moving here and so we will be there for them.

* Fourthly, we are called to serve our neighbours and the community and as time goes on we will explore how we can do this.

* Finally, we hope that we may help fill a "spiritual" gap in the community for those who are seeking meaning in their lives.


Though we are few, and at the beginning of our journey, we know that  on the road we travel we have Christ the Good Shepherd walking with us, and the prayers and protection of his All Holy Mother, the Theotokos and Ever Virgin Mary plus the prayers of the saints both in heaven and on earth for us.

Come join us in our adventure in Faith!

Child Safe Community 

We believe that children should be safe at all times and especially when they come to Church.

The Orthodox Church has a ZERO tolerance policy towards child abuse.

Our Chaplain, Fr Paul, successfully lobbied the Victorian Government to make it law that all, whether Clergy or lay people who work with Children must by law have a Working With Children Card.

Anyone who has contact with Children in a supervisory or ministry role MUST have a a current Working With Children card issued by the Victorian Department of Justice.

Our Chaplain (Priest)

Fr Paul is the Chaplain(Priest) for our community. He is a retired Greek Orthodox of Antioch (Antiochian) priest and has many years of experience in a variety of settings from parish, academic, hospital and schools. Since he retired he has assisted Fr Geoff Harvey at Good Shepherd Mission at Monash University which has Orthodox people from all over the world making up that vibrant Church. 

Fr Paul is married to Heather who is a Primary School Teacher part time and keen Historian.Together they enjoy life on their small farm north of Kilmore.