St’s Raphaels Hears


Our welfare outreach

One of the Aims of Our Community is to serve and help people. We recognise that across the communities of Wallan, Kilmore, Wandong, Beveridge, Broadford and Pyalong that there are a great many needs and diverse problems people face. We realise that there are existing services and we will seek to with them.


So what do we hope to offer? 

It’s summed up in the word HEARS.

* H  - Hears(listens)/ Helps

* E - Enables/Equips

* A - Assists / Advises

* R - Refers / Responds

* S - Supports /Sustains 


What are we doing about it?

Last year we got together some “Angel Boxes” to distribute at Wallan Primary School for families who wouldn’t be able to get some “Christmas food Goodies”.

This year we will be formally getting a structure together so that we will be a registered Charity with the ability to accept tax deductible donations.

In addition we hope to offer a service on Saturdays between 10:30 and 3:00pm for people to drop by and get help and assistance when other agencies are closed.


Why St’s Raphaels? 

Well because of 2 great St Raphael’s.


St Raphael the Archangel - The Angel of healing, the angel of assistance in times of impossible stress and strife.



St Raphael of Brooklyn - One of our Parish Patron Saints who devoted so much time and energy to assisting the poor and immigrants in New York in the 1800’s and early 1900’s.